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You will never tire of diving in Cozumel. The large majority of divers who come will come again many times over the years. It is habit-forming ! Use the key below to help determine minimum dive skills needed to safely enjoy our most popular dive sites.

N = Novice I = Intermediate A = Advanced E = Expert
Villa Blanca Wall ( I )
Sloping wall with huge sponges and gorgonias,
big schools of jacks and angelfish (50-100')

Paradise Reef ( N )
Abundant marine life, corals, sponges,
incredible night dive ! (max 45')

Chancanab Reef ( N )
The only reef that you dive north to south,
due to the unique current flow. Another great
night dive with abundant marine life. (max 55')

Balones of Chancanab ( N )
The deep side of Chancanab Reef. A series of
baloon shaped coral heads. Abundant marine
life, lobster and crab. (60-70')

San Francisco Reef ( I )
Shallow wall dive. Abundant marine life.
(35-50' best diving)

Yucab Reef ( N )
Dense reef full of abundant color and marine
life, and groupers and larger fish. (max 60')

Punta Tunich ( I )
Vibrant, colorful reef but the current is so
swift it is like flying underwater. Too fast
for fish life but beautiful formations.

Tormentos Reef ( I )
Colorful coral heads populated by eels,
grouper & angelfish. (40-70')

Paseo de Cedral ( I )
Hard to find but worth it ! Big groupers,
HUGE moray eels, fast current.
Spectacular dive.

Santa Rosa Reef ( I )
The best known & most popular wall dive
in Cozumel. Spectacular coral overhang,
the structure is dazzling, swim-thrus from
the wall to the sand side make for a
facinating dive. (40-3000')

(The next 3 dive sites comprise
the famous "Palancar Reef Top of
the Wall Diving")

Palancar Gardens ( N )
Absolutely magnificent dive, gentle currents,
lush plant & marine life and you never run
out of reef. Perfect for beginners.
(best at 40-70')

Horseshoe ( N )
Georgous and easy dive. Massive corals
tower overhead as you explore the unique
"horseshoe" shaped structure of the reef.
(multilevel 30-60-90')

Palancar Caves ( N )
Canyons, tunnels & swimthrus. Better than
average chance of seeing turtles or eagle
rays in these southerly deeper dive sites.
Facinating dive. (best at 60-90')

Columbia Reef ( I to A )
Coral overhangs tower over an impressive
drop-off. Tends to have larger marine life,
look for turtles & rays. (best 60-100')

Punta Sur ( A )
Incredible pinnacles of coral, very dramatic
drop-off, watch for turtles, rays & sharks.
Currents can be strong & unpredictable.

There are many other reefs that are not listed here.Your dive operator can
best advise you regarding their suitability for your level of skill. They can
be extremely aggressive & demanding dives and we would not recommend
attempting them without a knowledgeable local dive master or instructor.

A Panorama View of the Downtown Plaza

Cozumel Downtown Plaza

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