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Diving On Cozumel Island
By Jakob Jelling

Cozumel Island is known by divers as one of the most interesting places to go and practice their sport. This Mexican island does not only offer a wide variety of diving activities but also extremely clear waters which allow divers to have a visibility of about 150 foot.

Divers who visit Cozumel Island have the opportunity of diving on many different reefs. Some of the main reefs and most visited ones are Punta Tunich, San Francisco, Paraiso, Tormentos, Chankanaab, Maracaibo, Punta Sur, Santa Rosa, Colombia, Palancar and Paso del Cedral. These places offer beautiful beaches as well as very interesting diving areas which might offer different activities and new views for those who visit more than one of them.

Cozumel Island is a great place for practicing wall diving. It has several different walls full of beautiful corals and surrounded by a very colorful and varied sea life. These walls and reefs are under the Mexican Government National Park protection due to their beauty and great value.

The island's waters have a very rich sea life, abundant of colorful fish. This can be enjoyed not only by divers but by snorkelers as well since the water is so clear that visitors can enjoy great views from almost the surface. In some areas, even swimmers can see some of this Island's beautiful sea life from the surface.

Cozumel Island has two main areas which can be differentiated,the western area and the eastern one. The west side of this island has calm waters which make it ideal for swimmers, snorkelers and divers who wish to practice the activity in a rather quiet environment. The east side of the island is usually windy and its waters are ideal for windsurfers and experienced divers.

Due to the wide range of activities this island offers, people from all ages can find something to do. There are activities for many different preferences, from those who wish to spend a calm and relaxing time by taking a sun bath or swimming in turquoise waters, to those who wish to go through an exiting activity such as diving in a current or windsurfing.

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