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Cozumel's Reefs
- Beyond Anything I Could Imagine -

A Trip Report by
Tricia Cox

I just returned from a week of diving in Cozumel, and the reefs were beyond anything I could have imagined. Some of my favorite spots were the Santa Rosa wall and Tormentos - Santa Rosa for its sheer grandeur and caves, and Tormentos for the brilliant colors, abundance of fish life, and a green eel whose head was at least one foot in diameter.

Another great part was the gentle current that carried us along the reefs - we hardly had to move a muscle. With the boat then picking us up at the endpoint of the dive, I felt like I could very easily get spoiled diving in Cozumel! The small boats were really great- we dove in small groups, and I always felt like I could get any assistance that I needed.

During one surface interval near the shore, three dolphins swam by our boat, and we were able to dive in and snorkel close to them for a few minutes-- an experience I'll never forget.

All this along with the beauty of Cozumel will make me return again...
very soon I hope!

Tricia Cox,

While in Cozumel,
Tricia used the diving services of Luis Cabañas

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